Consortium - University of Zaragoza

The Noesis Group at the University of Zaragoza, a Consolidated Group of Applied Research of the Government of Aragon, is the research group representing the University of Zaragoza as partners in the project.
The Noesis group, oriented to Information Technologies and Communications, began to take shape in 1986, initially focusing its activities in the field of research.
The group's activities in the field of innovation began in 1988, always accompanied by development activity comprising innovative technology, activities that have continued virtually without a break to the present day.
A quantum leap in the capabilities and technological abilities of the group has occurred since 2002 when it was made responsible for the Master's degree in Database and Internet, an Independent Study (unofficial degree) offered by the University of Zaragoza.
In 2003 there began a methodological change in the teaching of the Master incorporating, as part of the Master, software development activities under contract services to institutions and businesses. This involved increasing the number of professional teachers and researchers from the Universities of Alcala, La Rioja, Pais Vasco y Sevilla, as well as business professionals and other institutions.
Later in 2004 another important methodological change was made in the teaching of the Master. The students were involved in structures typical of a software development company, not only in analysis and programming activities but also in other activities such as quality control, resource management and customer management. To carry out these activities a program was initiated of hiring former students with the intention not only to help in the software development processes but also in participating in the training of new students.
This structure led, firstly, to product development in which technological innovation was proven and, secondly, to former students being able to stay as contracted personnel in a structure that was able to provide greater depth in their training both in terms of technology and through carrying out company roles.
Two years of experience have shown that the structure of the Master is appropriate for the development of products using innovative technology, although it has not reached the appropriate level of productivity for developing innovative technology products.
Moreover, depending on employment contracts of the annual Master's course cannot provide continuity for projects nor, of course, for the employment contracts, regardless of the specific year of the Master.
This led in 2006 to the implementation of a structural change, being a spin-off company under the name of Infozara, which allows the transfer of technology whose innovation has been tested and validated under the structure of the Master, technology that, for the most part, is the result of the research of the Noesis group and other groups from other universities who collaborate in the provision of the Master's degree.
In 2007, a training model was designed for qualified personnel, a process that began in the 2006/2007 academic year. Under this model the staff recruited can combine their professional work with their academic studies.


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