Consortium - Infozara S. L.

Infozara is a spin-off company recently established by the Noesis group, constituting one of the three pillars of the structure of R&D&I&T, research, development, innovation and training, which supports part of the development of this project.
According to the business model that has been set for the next five years, the overall aim is to achieve its consolidation as a support for the transfer of the three key products of a university:
The transfer of processes and techniques for implementing what we call a Customer Line Software Factory has begun. Very briefly, a factory of this type is defined by the use of industrial manufacturing processes and customer relationship processes that, through an ongoing project application development, allows the customer to innovate and develop a program for the Lifelong Learning of their employees. With the development of this project it is hoped to transfer to Infozara the processes and techniques for implementing what we call a Model Line Software Factory.


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