Scope - Management Model

Includes a governance model, a security model, a privacy model, an audit model and an IT quality model.
The models built under the perspective of alignment with ICTs provide a method for standardization and process automation, supported by integration techniques, facilitate the audit thereof by dynamic access to evidence and, therefore, make their improvement easier to achieve.
This will bring about the existence of computer elements which make it easier for the entity that manages the biobank to reach high levels of management maturity and, in particular, progressive levels of quality, quality assurance, total quality and excellence.
The basic processes considered in the tests are the usual ones: Receipt of Samples, Subject Dissociation, Association of subject, Transfer to the warehouse, Shipping, Storage and Cessions.
The security sub-model requires, among other things, the existence of the following processes: Verification -check that at any time the system objects are where they should be and as expected- and Validation -the system objects satisfy the conditions or the established rules in the governance of the biobank.
There is a process integration methodology and a framework for its physical implementation in such a way that the process execution itself feeds back into the system.


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