Scope - Tool

This is a tool for the Collaborative Management of Biobanks accessible via the Web, so the access is ubiquitous, i.e. irrespective of the location of the user. The user only needs a PC with Web access and the corresponding access rights.
The aim of the tool is the management of biobanks, whatever the nature of the biological samples is. The management is headed by a process map and the information is stored under the form of a Longitudinal Factual Basis.
The fact that management is led by processes involves the assurance that the process execution through the tool will meet the established quality requirements.
Another important characteristic of the tool is the persistence of information led by the execution of processes previously developed in the process map.
The tool has several modules which include:
Process map protocols
Protocols included in the process map which allow the steps from sampling to ceding to be taken, through the definitive storage of the aliquots obtained.
Exploitation of the longitudinal information; reports and access.
Knowledge of the situation at any designated time by the user, timelines and traceability.
System of indicators related to sub-models considered in the biobank management model.
Automatic audit reports
Cessions, module that manages the sample ceding to researchers.
Database of authorized persons.
Incidence management
Implementing a system of business rules that ensure quality and consistency of information and facilitate management control and security.
Security scheme
Authentication and authorization.
Monitoring and storing of changes to the database, either through the application or with direct access to the database management system, whether authorized or not.
Integration of individual readers and data matrix barcode readers -2D code- and other devices, for using through the Web with the aim of quality assurance in the processing of objects.


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